Discover the Rules and Guidelines for your next experience. Stay safe and enjoy a transformative journey. Let's make it unforgettable, together.

entry & admission

Relaxed attire encouraged. No shorts or flip flops allowed. Join us for a casually stylish night at the venue.

All guests must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid booking. Additionally, it is mandatory to present a valid legal ID or passport upon entry to the venue grounds.

All guests will be searched upon entering the venue’s grounds, as the in house staff, organizers and BTRB team reserves the right to search all persons and property to ensure the security of all in attendance.

There will be no re-entry at the gates to ensure our friends safety and security. Please ask to speak with a supervisor at the gates if you have extenuating circumstances that require re-entry.

Everyone is required to keep their booking available for the duration of the experience. No persons will be allowed to enter any portion of the grounds without access. This policy will be strictly enforced – trespassers will be evicted and/or prosecuted.

By entering the venue’s grounds you are agreeing to be photographed or filmed.

BOOKINGS & wristbands

All bookings are non refundable.

Lost or stolen bookings will not be reissued.

Access wristbands cannot be shared (i.e. different people use them on different days). Do not tamper, stretch, cut or alter your wristband in any way.

Altered wristbands will be invalid and the bearer will be subject to eviction from the venue’s grounds.

Do not book or receive wristbands from 3rd parties, only through our official website.

safety & security

Our security team is present to make this concert experience safe and fun for everyone‭; ‬kindly cooperate‭.‬

Instruments, flying objects, knives or other items that can be used as a weapon, explosive materials and any other illegal substances are strictly prohibited as per local laws and regulations, and possession of either will result in dismissal from the venue’s grounds and will be subject to a criminal investigation.

Venue/Staff is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. It is recommended that you not bring valuable items.

Our team will provide basic first aid kits and medical support when needed. For serious injuries and emergencies, Please ask to speak with a supervisor for further assistance.

food & beverage

Each guest will receive complimentary breakfast meals during the stay at the resort.

Considering that the event will be BYOFB (Bring your own food and beverages), we advise that all guests come prepared covering all your personal preferences and necessities for the duration of the experience, however;

There will be a variety of food stalls and food trucks, as well as mocktail options available on-site to meet many dietary needs.

camping zones

A designated camping zone will be allocated for all guests.

We advise you to bring your own camping gear along in order to make sure your stay is as convenient as possible.

Our attendees will be provided with designated public parking at the premises upon arrival.

BBQ is allowed at the premises, subjected to consideration to neighbors and other campers.

Fire wood will be provided by the management for designated areas to set up camp fires.

Campers will have access to public amenities like toilets and showers throughout the entire experience.

courtesy &
good behavior

together, we can make THE EXPERIENCE BETTER

Ensuring a Great Experience

We want everyone to have a great time at the venue, so please be aware that any behavior that harms/affects other attendees or staff will not be tolerated. If anyone is found engaging in such behavior, they will be asked to leave the venue immediately without a refund.

Considerate Behavior Required

At our experiences, we value our relationship with the local community. Please avoid excessive noise, littering, and parking in private properties. Let's create a positive, harmonious environment that reflects our appreciation for the local/host community.

Weather & Modifications

We are a rain or shine experiences, except for acts of God. While all acts are confirmed, please note that the lineup is subject to change. Additionally, the management retains the authority to modify these rules and regulations at their discretion.

further information